Staff focus completely on core tasks thanks to smart box

12 Jun 2019

What happens when you install a smart Bringme Box instead of a reception desk? For starters, you'll avoid many repetitive tasks, staff will work more efficiently, and to top it all off, parcels are delivered safely, as Impextraco discovered.

Employees as delivery people

Impextraco works with hazardous substances, which is why it has to take extra security measures. For example, they have to know exactly who enters or leaves the building at any given time. Without a physical reception desk, this proved difficult. Accounting staff ended up in the role of "internal couriers". They wasted considerable time with going downstairs for every parcel, signing for receipt and then also spending time trying to find the addressee.

A boxful of efficiency

Installing a Bringme Box at the front door made some sweeping changes. The smart box now receives couriers, signs off for receipts, and notifies the addressee. Saving everyone a great deal of running around and a lot of frustrations and arguments… And it means employees can focus completely on valuable tasks again.

All private and corporate deliveries now happen in a single central location at the main office, in a controlled and efficient way. Couriers and delivery people no longer have to wait around: the box even signs for receipt. Staff are happy they don't have to traipse needlessly down the stairs anymore — the user-friendly Bringme App notifies them when their parcel has been delivered.

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Robot Pepper and Bringme Box welcome visitors, customers, and suppliers to Decos
Product News

Robot Pepper and Bringme Box welcome visitors, customers, and suppliers to Decos

100% automatic, 100% paperless

Decos is an IT company that uses its own software solutions to go for a 100% paperless office. They felt it was high time to also digitize their reception. But the company didn't want half measures. They decided to go the whole hog. They started by banning every last scrap of paper, sent paper mail back unopened with the question to be contacted by mail, and even went paperless in the facilities (yup...). And the next logical step was to up the ante from digitization to automation.

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