More than just a mural...

29 May 2019

Soulful Creative is all about the collaboration of designer and client, talent and vision.We started out as a gallery promoting graffiti and street art, and the business has evolved to where we are now – a design studio comprised of a diverse and talented team of brand experts, graphic designers and artists. We are all dedicated to producing work that thrills our clients and makes them proud of their environment.

With a wealth of experience and skills among us, together with an abundance of passion, we are able to offer every client something unique and outstanding. Each project is different and this is reflected in the techniques we use; from hand-painted to printed graphics, art installations to glass manifestations. The result: spaces and brand engagement projects that excite, inspire and represent our clients’ vision in a distinct and creative way.

Gone are the days of working in isolated cubicles or stark clinical white spaces. Companies have realised that when the office evokes the ethos of the business, morale, productivity, communication and energy is much increased amongst employees.

Here at Soulful Creative, client requests vary wildly but there are some key features and benefits that seem to be a common trend regardless of the workspace, office location, size or industry.

First Impressions

The reception area is the introduction to the company. It gives a sneak preview of what to expect in the main office area but also what to expect from the company itself- so make the first impression count!

Level39 is a world leading tech hub community; below is an image of their reception area we created in collaboration with an office fit out company. It’s comprised of a combination of graphics, textures, angles and light to create a dynamic reception area that has a multitude of uses for staff and visitors alike, complimenting and enhancing their brand.

Company ValuesA workspace that clearly defines the company values and identity is key. It makes employees feel part of something special. It helps them invest in the purpose of the company and makes them feel their contribution and efforts are valued. A design incorporating a company’s brand and values can help communicate their message throughout the office environment.

We’re frequently asked to help companies create a look and feel that evokes the company’s ethos. Being able to do this in a clever and creative way is key to achieving the best results for the client’s needs.

So fresh and so rewardingWhether it’s a refresh or a complete transformation makeover, updating the key areas in an office can do wonders for your team’s morale. Fresh office decor be it graphics, murals or bespoke art pieces, leads to team members having pride in where they work. It makes employees feel that they’re valued and appreciated.
Office decoration is cost effective alternative to an expensive office move and can add the ‘wow factor’ to an existing space.

In the zone

We spend a third of our lives at work so it’s important that the offices- especially open planned ones, have clear zones or functions. Whilst it’s great to have a working area where people work together its also important to ensure a level of flexibility where employees can work alone or in a smaller group for a period of time, have formal or informal meetings, conduct conference calls and take time to chill out or eat away from their desks.

Using a colour palette that is cohesive to the company brand is a clever way to divide an open space into different zones. This can be further enhanced with the addition of illustrations or type based graphics to give personality or character to these areas.
SummaryBy carefully considering these 4 key elements of the workspace within your company you can alter how employees feel about coming to work. Transforming your workspace can be a morale-boosting boosting way to improve your business environment and can have productivity benefits too.

Our clients often want a complete transformation of their space and they can really see the benefit from our expertise. With the result being so much more than just a mural.

If you’d like to have some Soulful magic injected into your workspace, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

Soulful Creative
T: 07740 800606

Longfields Farm
Oakley Green
Windsor, Berkshire
United Kingdom

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