Internal warehouse marking

9 May 2018

Busy operation centres need to be clearly marked to avoid products being stored haphazardly causing drops in productivity and financial losses due to missed delivery slots.

Forklifts and plant should be directed to follow designed routes to ensure that  walkways are not traversed or encroached upon by pallets. 

Safety routes must be maintained for pedestrian access to welfare facilities and emergency exits

Experienced team ensure that installation is performed with neat precision with minimal disruption to live working environment. 

Durable finish applied to seal in the concrete floor making it easy to keep clean with no continual maintenance. 

Layout maximises space and efficient work flow around and through the facility. 

Suitable for pharmaceutical or food production, storage facilities, distribution centres, warehouses, industrial units. 

Impervious to almost all known substances including blood, acid, oil. Durable gloss finish which is easy to clean and requires no maintenance. 

Hassle-free installation by professional crew who take pride in ensuring excellent finish. 

Fairfax Road
Heathfield Industrial Estate
TQ12 6UD
Newton Abbot, Devon
United Kingdom

Car Park New Build & Refurbishment
Product News

Car Park New Build & Refurbishment

An integral part of car park design and life care plans is the layout of parking bays and directing traffic flow around the facility. QMS install line marking systems which play an active and effective role in ensuring parking services work, making the facility feel safe and enhancing the high quality finish of the built environment.

Ensuring that pedestrians cross in the appropriate place by the use of colour-coated walkways directing them to stairways, entrances and exits.

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Distribution Centres
Product News

Distribution Centres

We ensure space optimisation for maximum pallet storage in major distribution facilities with a high daily turnover of goods received to goods shipped.

Safety walkway markings with colour-coated surfacing ensure that pathways are clearly marked to segregate plant and HGV movements from pedestrians to maintain access to bays, welfare facilities and emergency escape routes. 

Crisp and precise line markings are applied using a waterborne acrylic resin which is then coated with RapidShield to ensure a durable finish. Easy to clean and impervious to acid, blood and oil it can even be applied in live food zones such as working freezers. 

Environmentally friendly, containing no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and completely solvent free.

Nationwide installation

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